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Hard Surface Installation


As soon as your order is processed and your material is instock, our Installation Department will call/text/email you to schedule your installation.

"Our goal is to make your installation a positive experience." - Shawn Knox / President


Knova's installers will be prepared to remove and replace normal household furniture, should you request this service. Prior to their arrival you will want to:
  1.  - Cover any and all items with sheets, plastic sheeting as dust will be created during the installation of materials
  2.  - Remove lamps, table decorations, accent pieces, etc.
  3. - Remove antiques, plants, and other items requiring special care
  4. - Remove bed linens
  5. - Empty water beds
  6. - Empty book cases, china cabinets, etc.
  7. - Clean out closet floors
  8. - Disconnect stereo systems, cable connections, computers, alarm systems, and other electronic devices
  9. - Arrange for removal of pianos, organs, grandfather clocks and pool tables. 


Please be aware that the following procedures are not included in our installation services. Arrangements for these services are the responsiblity of our customer:
  1. - Cutting doors to clear new floor covering. Frequently, installation of new carpet will prevent doors from swinging or sliding freely. You should have a qualified carpenter cut your doors. 
  2. - Removing an existing resilient floor covering which may contain asbestos. If removal of an existing floor containing asbestos is necessary, you will need to arrange for this work to be done by a certified abatement specialist.
  3. - Re-installing quarter round molding. We will remove your quarter-round, but cannot be responsible for re-installing. Frequently, molding which has been installed for several years cannot be satisfactorily reinstalled and may break during removal. We will be as careful as possible. 
  4. - Removing and re-installing toilets or other plumbing fixtures. All hard surface floor installations in bathrooms require removal of the toilet. Our installers are not licensed or qualified to perform this service.
  5.  - Disconnecting gas and water hook-ups. We will move disconnected appliances in/out if you opted to pay for this service. 

Please be aware that the following conditions may exist immedatiely after installation.
  • BUBBLES - You may notice some bubbles form under your new resilient floor. This is normal and these bubbles should disappear within 3-4 weeks. If they persist beyond that time, please call our Service Department.